At South Engineering, we work on excellence in engineering and manufacture of new, innovative designs.


With humble beginnings as a backyard business, South Engineering was established by Dan Butterfield in 2015. We starting into the market by thinking outside the square and building top quality trailers with all the latest, top of the line technology such as braking systems and special towing adaptations. Having achieved great success in this area, we were also able to use our lite transport knowledge to repair and strengthen other trailers to a high WOF standard. It didn’t take long for word to get around, and before we knew it we needed to move to our current premises at 24 Bond Street to meet the demand.


We now manufacture far more than just trailers, taking on all types of projects from light to heavy industrial engineering for both commercial and private projects. With a focus on excellence, we build well designed products with a clean and tidy finish for long life and durability.